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August 13, 2021
The International Day of Peace 2020

The International Day of Peace 2021 πŸ•Š

The international day of Peace is a special day for the whole world. It is on this day that more people think about living in harmony […]
August 13, 2021
Celecom is all about celebrations and commemorations around the world. We are new so please follow us and join the party

Keanu Reeves Birthday is Coming up πŸŽ‚

Our first birthday announcement goes to Keanu Reeves, an amazing actor and a genuine human being! Happy Early Birthday Keanu.


We plan for your precious birthdays and make them more fascinating and worth remembering.

Wedding & Engagement

We help you plan your life events promptly so that you can enjoy your big days without any last moment distress.

One App for All Occasions

The soon to be available Celecom app is the best thing to sign up for. With it, you can share, follow and plan your tiniest events to significant life events. From your parents and grandparents birthday and anniversaries to your kids and pets' birthdays, your friends' weddings and graduations, Your teacher and colleagues birthday, memorial days, Christmas, valentines day, easter, father's day, mother's day and much more.

Celecom for Organizations

Apart from numerous benefits for individuals, Celecom is incredible for organizations as well. It's a platform that can prove to be your best companion while planning and organizing events for the company. This app will be saving you time, energy, and it's a freebie. If you are interested in testing Celecom for your organizations, please contact us.

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Celecom is a new startup with a motive to make your celebrations best. This user-friendly social platform will serve as your best companion in planning occasions and celebrations. We know you will love to try our app, therefore sign up now to get into our mailing list. And get notified about the app availability on the first basis. We are delighted with your response. Looking forward to your more love and supportπŸ’œ.

Life is what we celebrate.